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Quantum Starseed Codex

A 3-month Group Journey of Integration, Memory Activation, & Spiritual Expansion


​Your spiritual awakening journey does NOT need to be filled with suffering! I promise you, it doesn't.
Will it sometimes be challenging? Yes, yes it will.

And I can also promise you that running away from the discomfort will not help. Avoiding creates more resistance and actually FUELS the very problems or challenges you so wish would simply go away.

Here's what's really beautiful....
The moment we turn TOWARDS the challenge, the shadow, is the moment we signal to the Universe that we are ready to heal, to let go, to move forward in the True direction of our Heart. 

In this 3-month group program, Quantum Starseed Codex, you will be challenged, but you will not suffer as you grow. It will feel like a LIBERATION. A freeing of your deeper Essence. The one in you who is most ready and yearning for Joy, playfulness, to feel FREE, to access your psychic gifts and abilities more than EVER before. And to feel a wildly exciting clarity for the direction you're going...the direction of your Highest timeline....your most Sacred path and Purpose for coming to earth in this life. 

Whatever your reason for coming to earth, we are most effective when we have more consciousness, more awareness. Quantum Starseed Codex is a container designed for Consciousness Expansion

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  • Harmonic Resonance 'energy tuning' calls

    • Receive deep healing, energy healing in the form of 'vibrational tuning' to restore internal & external Harmony​. Emotional, spiritual, mental and physical balance

  • Quantum Starseed Integration hypnosis sessions

    • Powerful Breakthrough sessions--Up to 6 group sessions and TWO personal 1:1 sessions ​

  • Learn and apply Sacred Practices for:

    • ​Nervous System harmony/balance​

    • Calming the over-thinking mind and learning how to let go and open to intuition, guidance and your most cherished spiritual gifts

  • We will explore other lifetimes--both on this planet and all OVER the Cosmos.

  • We will explore WHY you came to earth...

    • Did you come to....

      • Learn?​ Heal? Remember? Help humanity? Assist in the Great Awakening? All of the Above?


Let's find out! And ground it deeply into your being. You're here to make big impact. Your impact widens as you integrate your most painful AND joyful experiences in this life and other lives, and as you widen your lens of perception. Perceiving Beyond the veils of Illusion and confusion. I'll meet you there!

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As a super special Gift I will be....

Creating TWO intuitively-created meditations with channeled vibrations & Ancient Light Language. I will be tuning into the collective energy of our group both at the beginning of our time together & later on as our individual & collective frequency expands. 


**We will also have a private space for us to connect as we spiral deeper together.**


It's Time to Expand. I am ready to go ALL IN on my spiritual expansion...


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