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Cosmic Tunnel

Reconnecting with other lifetimes has been some of my most Profound experiences. It gives us an opportunity to remember who we are as multidimensional beings.


I have felt very open to the idea of past lives for as long as I can remember. However, I first began truly learning about past lives when I read Michael Newton's Journey of Souls. Michael Newton was a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who was an avid DISbeliever of past lives of his patients went to a past life during a hypnotherapy session. He decided to look into the details of his client's past life and sure enough her former life was documented in British archives. Newton went on to conduct thousands of past life regressions where clients described in great detail other lifetimes, as well as spirit realms or higher dimensional realms.

Upon reading Newton's books (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls) and other books like it, I began having my own past life (or other life) memories through various means, such as meditations and spirit journeys. I quickly realized not only the POWERFUL healing effect these memories have, but also how incredibly empowering it is to remember myself and my gifts through many lifetimes. It is with this intention that I decided to be a guide for others through the past life regression process.

I have been immersed in intuitive training and spiritual development for most of my adult life. I received my past life regression certification from the  Ashland School of Hypnotherapy, but I did not stop there. I continue to deepen my work all the time.  I am engaged in relearning ancient gifts in energy work and sound healing. These tools come into practice during sessions, as I am guided. My desire and focus is also to reconnect you to your own gifts and knowing, as well.

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