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4-Part Meditation & Hypnosis Series

A meditation experience that takes you where you MOST desire to go!

Why Join this Experience? What even is this Series ALL about?

Have you experienced:

Gaslighting, CPSTD, overwhelming anxiousness, anger, despair? 

Me too, friend. 

What about:

Confused about your Purpose, path, gifts? HUNGRY for Spiritual Knowledge or information about Your Self, connection to your Guides and/or to Source itself? too!!

In this Meditation & Hypnosis series, we're working up a special kind of Magic. We're opening the doors to deep healing & spiritual connection. An awakening....A Remembrance.

First....we start by sitting with our selves.

I'll be weaving in hypnosis w/special meditations I've created for each part of the series to take you on a journey of Transformation. The hypnosis (aka deep guided meditation) is designed specifically to relax your mind and entrain your brain to be more able to access the Theta state.

In this 4-Part Meditation & Hypnosis Series, you will....

  • Experience 4 Live Morning Meditations w/hypnosis (recorded so you can access meditations at any time)

    • Live Calls: 30 mins (10 mins of info + 20 mins meditation/hypnosis) every two weeks over the course of 8-weeks

  • Be held in supportive group container

    • Group chat to support, accountability & discussions of discoveries & ask me any questions

  • Experience accountability, attainability, simplicity

    • This series was specifically designed to fit into your current full schedule with EASE






Come Away from this experience:

  • Feeling Lighter; like you can see your path & subconscious patterning much more CLEARLY

  • Have a foundational meditation practice that you can run with

  • Clear fear belief programs that restrict your Greatest potential & from attaining your most favorite dreams

  • Embodying confidence that you CAN meditate, let go and relax your mind

Stephanie resting in the jungle
Image by Jared Rice

Guidance is Golden

Whether it be internal guidance or through someone who's been through it and come out the other side.

Over a decade ago, some painful events altered the course of my life (and I am eternally grateful), leading me ultimately to developing a meditation practice. Intuitively, I developed it in stages. Deepening as I went to have the desired outcomes: inner peace, clarity of mind, connection to inner guidance, SPIRITUAL INFORMATION-yum, and lots more!

The Stages are:

1. Using Silence to create inner space

2. Using Sound to awaken Kundalini

3. Bringing the two together for a powerful effect!

4. Expansion: Feeling connected to Source, Self, the Cosmos, and the ones you love.

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue

I want to join this one of a kind Meditation & Hypnosis Series,
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