Intuitive Sound Healing Sessions:

Energy Exchange: $50 for approx. 45 minutes

What is Sound Healing?



Sound Healing is an ancient tool for healing and re-balancing the chakras bringing us into greater alignment with ourselves and our purpose on this Earth. It also brings us into Divine Harmony with Earth. Why do we want to be in alignment with Earth? Because, while we are in the physical form on this planet, the more we are in sync with her, the more light we can anchor in the physical body. This becomes increasingly important given that our bodies are shifting into the crystalline form as we move into the 4th density (5th Dimension) and Beyond. 

I use a variety of sound healing techniques in sound healing sessions. I am intuitively guided with help from the spirit realms, allowing whatever sounds that need to come through for deepest healing and opening. Voice, drums, rattles, singing bowls and more are used in sessions.

Healing Power and Vibration of Singing Bowls:


The instruments that I work with:










Divine Harmony Titanium Rainbow Aura Quartz Chalice. This bowl holds within it a sacred genetic code which is found on the front. This Light Code is that of ~Divine Harmony.~


Please see to read the genetic code decree.

The Divine Harmony chalice brings us into greater harmony and alignment with our mission and with the Divine. Tuned to 423 hz, this chalice is aligned with Earth's frequency and brings us into Divine Harmony with Earth.


Info from the website where one can purchase these beautiful bowls says, "This Crystal Amplifies and magnifies healing energy, Clears and cleanses chakras, Helps to amplify both body energy and healing thoughts. It is used to enhance creativity, Helps to remove blockages, Enhances psychic powers, Helps with clairvoyance and all forms of Seeing. It Awakens a strong Connection to the Womb; the Centre of All Creation." This bowl is connected to the Zeal point chakra.


The zeal point chakra is located at the base of the skull and is known as the Mouth of God or Ascension chakra as it is the gatekeeper of one's state of consciousness. At this time, many people's zeal chakras are opening and can present challenges, as the physical and spiritual bodies adjust. When this point awakens it brings your psychic and spiritual abilities more online. Through sound work, this point can be opened as well as balanced through its natural opening process.

528 hertz Heart chakra crystal singing bowl. 528 hz is the vibration of DNA repair.

528 hertz Third eye chakra crystal singing bowl.

I also use Tibetan singing bowls, Dragon drum (or steel tongue drum), rattles, Buffalo and horse drums.

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