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My name is Stephanie Yopp. I am a past life regressionist, a spiritual Seeker, Starseed, Light Warrior, and Galactic Being. I am committed to personal growth and always asking how I can be of greater service in the world. And, I am always asking questions and looking deeper. I feel deeply passionate about helping others See and Know themselves and the amazing gifts they carry. Welcome, my friends. 

Stephanie Yopp-Robinson
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Kelly N. ~ Portland, Oregon

2 hr QSI session

“Stephanie is a powerful intuitive healer. When she led me through a guided Quantum Starseed session, I felt a profound opening in my heart that helped me to reconnect to my gifts as a light worker. She uses sound to bring the body into a state of ease and explore the deeper realms of our subconscious. I felt held and loved by her during the session. Stephanie’s presence is inviting, warm, and powerful. I would recommend her work to anyone looking for support with past lives and recalibration of the nervous system.  🤍🤍🤍”
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UPCOMING 4-Part Meditation & Hypnosis Series

We Start June 1st!

Be guided on relaxing your mind and accessing your inner self and Spiritual information in this series. Each live call with have a specialized meditation with hypnosis that I've created to help entrain your mind to become more calm and open to your inner guidance system. This 4-part series was specifically designed to be accessible, attainable and even FUN!

What is Quantum Starseed Integration?

We can think of a Quantum Starseed Integration session (or QSI ) as being very similar to a past life regression but there are some key differences.

         In a past life regression and QSI session, we access the hypnotic state, which is much like a deep guided meditation. Within this natural trance state, we gain entry to the unconscious mind, as well as the expanded self. Through both past life exploration and QSI sessions, one can begin the process of healing chronic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues. In addition to profound healing, people have been known to reconnect and remember their own ancient gifts in these powerful sessions, and the beauty is that the more you do, the more you learn! The key differences with a QSI session is the level of expansion that takes place in a Quantum Starseed Integration session. We focus not only on past lives, but we give space for the expanded Self, the Essence of a person to explore ALL time/space realities; future, parallel, past, multidimensional, on Earth and off Earth.

         We are connected to an infinite well of knowledge. However, due to often incredible life pressures or sometimes repeated past life or current life traumas, we may feel disconnected from this well of resources. We may experience incredible challenges and hard to break patterns as a result of various life experiences. These sometimes destructive patterns remain hidden in the unconscious, for a time. As more and more light begins to illuminate these patterns they begin to lose their stronghold. QSI sessions helps one to not only identify these patterns, which begins the process of breaking them, it also begins to reconnect us, not only to our own inner resources but to the Whole of Creation.

       Through QSI sessions, one can better understand the relationships in their lives, as well as connect with soul family and soulmates. In this deep reflective state, one can more easily reconnect with spirit guides and our own deep inner wisdom.

      Quantum Starseed Integration is about deep healing (also known as the integration of all the parts of ourselves) and equally as important, if not more is the REMEMBRANCE of who we are as Cosmic beings, why we came here and what gifts we carry through many densities and dimensions. For those who are called to greater levels of Cosmic (and Earthly) memory, Quantum Starseed Integration is the Sacred Remembering.

Client Feedback:

"I cannot explain how amazing of an adventure Stephanie took me on to connect to a fallen piece of my higher self. It was emotional and glorious at the same time. I’m still in a wonderful daze of just wow. I definitely will be returning and I recommend this awesome journeying to any and everyone. Thank you so much Stephanie! This was the most beautifully emotional experience I’ve ever had...I have been able to see my aura colors and energy on people and things around me have increased so much. [Stephanie] really guided me soooo amazingly through this. You're an amazing person and what you do is beautiful! When you healed my heart, that was the most harmonic peaceful feeling with the sounds...In the video you can’t hear it on the level I was hearing it. It over took my whole body and it was loud, but pretty and didn’t hurt my ears, it made my whole body and soul hum. I felt so calm, since [and] I still feel emotional but my chest doesn’t hurt anymore. The worry is so far less... its freeing. I don’t feel anxious towards situations anymore." 💜 ~Lauren*

*Below is Lauren's video. She has graciously volunteered to open her session to the public. To hear her better, use headphones and listen in quiet place. Enjoy this beautiful session!

My session with Stephanie was a powerful, spiritual amazing and truly wonderful experience.  Scheduling a session was outside of my comfort zone and Stephanie answered all of my questions and made everything easy for me.  I am so glad that I took this step towards self discovery and learning."  ~Janet 

"I didn’t know what to expect before I arrived but Stephanie expertly guided me to the past lives most relevant to my current life.  I enjoyed the experience and it even helped me heal a nagging issue with my shoulder.  If you have any curiosity I would definitely recommend this amazing experience!"


"I first met Stephanie as a young girl. Many years have passed and our paths reconnected over the past year. I was so happy to hear that she had become a past life regressionist. I was more than interested to meet with her and have a session with her. I found her to be wise beyond her years. She created a comfortable, peaceful environment. She successfully took me on a journey into a few different lifetimes. Allowing quiet and space is as important as talking and asking questions. She struck the right balance. When I got mentally stuck she was able to gently segue way the session into a different direction, so as to help stay in the deep feeling space rather than moving back up into a thinking space. Stephanie brings a beautiful, kind and loving Soulfulness to her work. I would highly recommend her services!" ~Gail

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We are walking each other Home.

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